3 Fantastic Sports to Enjoy on a Fitness Vacation 2020


Who doesn’t love the smell of sunscreen and the sweet sound of ocean waves hitting the shoreline? There’s no doubt that visiting the beach for some fun in the sun is a popular way to vacation. But who says you have to take the same old beach trip every year? You can find tons of enjoyable sports-centered vacations that allow active group travelers and families to get together for an adventurous retreat. Check out three fitness-focused ideas that will leave you feeling re-energized.

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Hit the Slopes: Snowboarding Retreat

A trip to the snowy mountains is a great way to enjoy an active vacation. The best way to organize a snowboarding retreat is to research resorts and make a decision based on the level of expertise of each traveler.

Both Colorado and Utah have a variety of slopes that offer challenges for beginners and experts. The great thing about snowboarding in Colorado or Utah is that both have lengthy ski and snowboarding seasons. The best time to enjoy natural snow is from November to April, but it may best to stay away during the holidays. The slopes tend to be crowded during those peak times of the year. Planning ahead will definitely make the best snowboarding trip for your group.

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Walk It Out: Hiking Retreat

Families looking for an active vacation during the fall should consider a hiking trip. Sightseers can begin planning their hiking trips with one thing in mind: the beautiful views. The Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania offer breathtaking hiking trails for both families and couples to enjoy.

Taking a hiking trip calls for travelers to use their exploration skills as they navigate through nature’s finest wetlands and waterfalls all while working up a sweat. Like many mountain trails, those through the Pocono Mountains feature a variety of routes for leisurely walkers or ambitious mountain climbers.

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Mind, Body, and Soul: Yoga Vacation Retreat

Ever return from a weekend away feeling like you need another vacation? Sometimes planning and executing an exciting getaway can be overwhelming. An alternative way to vacation alone or even with the family is to go on a yoga retreat.

Whether it’s at the Loews Hollywood Hotel in California or the Gurney Montauk Resort and Seawater Spa in New York, visitors can experience an active vacation that will leave them focused and energized upon their return. August tends to be the best time to go on a yoga-centered vacation because you can typically enjoy the clean crisp air and warm summer nights.

Going on a fitness vacation can be fun for couples, groups, and families alike. You can easily find an abundance of wellness activities and attractions to enjoy around the world. Active travelers who are looking for ways to vacation without feeling groggy upon return have many options. Less active travelers who are tired of hitting the beach should take the opportunity to explore and vacation outdoors this year.

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