How To Do Bantu Knots on Natural Hair

Bantu Knots also known as Chiney Bumps. I’m not sure why they call it that but I grew up with that name. After a hair wash day when I was a child I use to hate getting Bantu Knots but now; I have learned how to embrace my natural hair and rock any hairstyle that I desire. I prefer to do Bantu knots on freshly washed hair as it gives my hair a more defined curl after I loose it out.

Bantu Knots

Follow these Steps to Create the Perfect Bantu Knots

Divide hair into manageable sections

For a tighter curl try to section hair in a box sized part as seen in the picture above


Moisture the hair as you divide in section. Feel free to spritz some water just to make the hair damp.

Apply a styler if desired

Here comes the hard part – Styling

  • Do a two strand twist to the divided section
  • place your finger on the starting of your twist touching the scalp
  • Hold the start of the twist and wrap the hair around the starting of the twist until you have no more hair holding on to.
  • Tuck whatever is left under your hair under the bump.

This step should help you with creating your bumps. The Bantu Knot can be worn as a style as it is or you could loose it to get a Bantu Knot Out hairstyle. This will give your hair super definition and curls.

How to take down Bantu Knots

This should not be hard. For me, I would just lightly pull the knots from the root but this can be damaging depending on how tight your Bantu Knots are. Follow these steps to Bantu Knots take down:

  • As usual, lightly add some oils to your fingertips before touching hair to prevent frizz
  • Loose each Bantu Knot separately; you wouldn’t want to make a mess of your take down
  • Gently unravel the 2 strand twist
  • Separate the hair section by section and fluff and cover the parts in the hair.
  • Use an afro pick to lift roots and make the divided sections less noticeable

If you try this Bantu Knots method, leave your comment down below.

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