How To Style Yourself For An Outdoors Event

When your calendar gears up, you know you need hard working solutions from your style. Events that take place outdoors always carry their own challenge, as you need to balance looking and feeling good with something that is slightly more practical to cope with weather conditions, from your outfit to your makeup solutions. Especially at this time of year, when the main peak of summer is past and you are more likely to run into cooler days, breezy or light rains and other conditions which signal the change in seasons. Whether it’s an outdoors wedding, an open air concert, a party or a festival, here are the things you need to consider..

Do Your Research

The first and most important tip is to be prepared by doing your homework before the event. This means getting hold of a copy of the day’s itinerary in advance or asking the host exactly what is taking place. You will also need to look at the weather forecast in detail. After all, there’s nothing worse than planning a fabulous maxi dress only to find it’s going to be a little damp and you have to deal with trailing a soggy hem around for the whole event! Prepare a couple of options in advance in case the weather changes with one wetter weather option must in case of showers. Find out how much of the event is directly outside and if the host has tent rentals planned so you know how much cover there is likely to be on the day.

Think Lightweight Layers

Breathable, light layers are the key to successful dressing for an outdoor event. Generally speaking, natural fabrics tend to be more adaptive than man made ones – things like pure cotton, a linen fabric, silk or cashmere are ideal for breathable outfits with layering. This means you can adapt to the changing temperature through the event by adding or shedding layers. Something like a silk slip dress can be amazingly versatile and on trend for this kind of event, paired with a chic jacket

Consider Your Choice Of Shoe

Footwear is a big part of the consideration when it comes to an outdoor event. Usually, these locations, especially when it comes to a wedding, are chosen for their natural beauty. This generally translates to uneven surfaces – sandy coves, sweeping graveled drives, cobbled roads, and manicured lawns. That means stiletto heels can be an impractical choice that leaves you tottering over. Opt for a wedge heel or a chunky block heel for greater stability and grace. If you could even go for a bejeweled flat shoe for the ultimate in chic practicality that will also help you dance the night way – just choose a pair with a sturdier sole and a slight heel as these are hardier and look more expensive than completely flat ballet slippers.

Add In Accessories

Accessories are always a way to make a splash and bring personality to your outfit, and they also give you more chances to add practicality to an outfit for an outdoor event. A stylish straw hat or a Panama is a great option for warmer days to keep the sun out of your face. A structured jacket that you can drape over your shoulders adds impact and keeps the chills at bay. And don’t forget your glamorous sunglasses to stop you from squinting. Go to town with a bag too – choosing a cross body style bag rather than a clutch is a good idea if you’re likely to be standing up with a drink and food. Get the clothes hitting the right balance between comfort and style and you’ll be all set to have a brilliant time!

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