Juvia’s Place Saharan Blush Vol. II Review


Saharan Blush Palette

A blush palette was not on my list until I came across the Saharan Blush II by Juvia’s Place. This blush palette has some warm tones perfect for my skin type. I love the different shades of colour ranging from peach, brown and pink tones.The Saharan Blush Palette works well as a blush, highlighter and an eyeshadow.

About the Saharan Blush Palette

Saharan Blush Palette


As usual Juvia’s Place products are packaged in a cardboard sleek size package. Which contains 6 large size shades of 27g or 4.5g each. All the shades have specific names. I love the sleek design of the palette as it is easy to store on my vanity and if I should travel it would not be a hassle to pack in my bag.

Saharan Blush Palette


The Saharan Blush palette II contains 6 shades; 4 mattes and 2 duochrome shades. Unlike the Zulu palette, the Blush palette has names, such as:

Yara (matte) – this is a light medium brown shade with an orange undertone. Perfect as a transitioning shade.

Sola (metallic shimmer) – bright pink-rose with a gold duochrome shift. I love a blush with a hint of shimmer. It has a dense, creamy texture and gives perfect highlight.

Tau (matte) – bright orange/peach shade. Pop that on your cheek and you’re ready to go.

Bee (matte) – medium pink-mauve

Zoba (metallic shimmer) – light peachy pink with a gold duochrome shift

Leena (matte) – light pink-coral

Saharan Blush II

Saharan Blush Palette Vol. II Swatches From Left-Right: Yara, Sola, Tau, Bee, Zoba and Leena


The Saharan Blush Palette Volume II retails at $18. This is totally worth the price as you get 6 different shades in one palette. Roughly a single blush from other brands would cost more.


The Saharan Blush Palette is highly pigmented; a little goes a long way. Always use a light hand when working with the product. The shades are creamy and go on easily. It is not had to pick up with a brush. Some of the shades might not show up on darker skin tone if used as a blush.

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