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Summer is finally here. The sun is hot and the weather is beautiful. But as we all already know, this beauty comes at a price. Temperatures are reaching unexpected highs, so the best way to stay as comfortable as possible is to find the most suitable clothing. Linen is the most comfortable fabric to wear during the summer. The breathability, durability, and longevity it offers have not been matched for hundreds of years. Linen is head and shoulders above a lot of other popular fabrics. The benefits it provides are surprising, to say the least, so if you want to stay cool and comfortable during the summer. Linen is definitely the way to go.


Incredible absorbency

Hot and humid climate can be a lot to endure, especially if you are not used to the head. In this case, there is simply no better choice of fabric than linen. It has a very unique but incredibly useful feature to quickly wick away moisture, so you don’t have to sit drenched in your own swear. This way you will always stay comfortable and cool in any circumstances. This is one of the reasons why linen bed sheets are so great. Linen is the perfect choice if you want to stay cool and healthy at night.

Unmatched longevity and durability

Everyone wants their clothes to last as long as possible. Because linen is the strongest fabric in the world, buying a shirt or a linen dress for summer might seem a bit more expensive at first, but it can change your life in the long run. Although linen clothes are a bit rough to the touch at first, properly washing them with cold water, without bleach will soften the fabric, but it will not be damaged. If you take good care of your linen clothes, they will stay durable and comfortable for years.

Desirable breathability

During the summer, our main goal is to be as comfortable as possible in the heat. Linen clothing offers the level of breathability which is extremely rare in other fabrics. Linen clothes are usually looser, so you won’t feel any tension on your body, which will breathe and stay cool. This is another fantastic reason why linen bed sheets are so great. This incredible control of the temperature protects our body from various allergens. These hypoallergenic abilities are the main reason why people with linen bedding sleep so well.

How should you wear linen?

Linen dresses

If you want to enjoy this beautiful season to the fullest, you must buy yourself a linen dress for summer. Although this fabric has a tendency to get creasy, those wrinkles are a part of a unique, elegant look of linen. Try to avoid a lot of ironing and enjoy those beautiful linen dresses and the benefits they provide.

Linen shirts

A simple linen shirt is the definition of comfort. The breathability and looseness it provides will help you stay cool and feel every pleasurable breeze of wind on your skin. You can choose a simple t-shirt for a most comfortable, casual look, or go for a nicely cut linen shirt to go under a suit.

Linen suits

Wearing a suit during the summer can be a very uncomfortable experience. However, going for a nice linen suit with lighter colors, you will stay cool and comfortable while captivating everyone’s attention with your radiant elegance and style.

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Author bio: MagicLinen is a family business based in Vilnius, Lithuania, where linen growing, weaving and sewing traditions have roots in ancient times. We find it magical that the crafted linen items can be passed down from generation to generation without losing their beauty and value.

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