10 Halloween Hairstyle Ideas for 2019


Fall is here, and though that does mean huge scarves, oversized coats and strolls amongst the orange and brown leaves, it also means it’s time for Halloween. Everyone gets excited about dressing up, having fun with friends and making memories, but finding that perfect costume can be a struggle, never mind what to do with your hair!

Creating the perfect Halloween hairstyle doesn’t need to be impossible, or hard work to maintain. Sometimes all it takes is a little prep, perhaps even a practice run beforehand, and you’ll be good to go! Effortlessly spooky, these hairstyles would be perfect for Halloween night out or a party amongst friends.

Here are some of our Halloween hair favorites – sure to make a scene a scene but won’t scare your fellow party goers. These are bound to get those creatives juices flowing!

halloween hairstyle

1) The Pirate Look

This is a swashbuckling style that is low maintenance and is also very easy to do on yourself. All you have to do here is play with texture and volume, and create random braids for a messy, rebellious look. We also recommend you experiment with hair accessories such as hair rings, beads and feathers and to get really playful with this look!

2) The Devil Look

Who said you had to invest in a headband and a pitchfork to achieve a devil look? You can easily make horns out of your own hair! This is a look that has been adopted by celebrities such as Ariana Grande and Camila Cabello – all you have to do is tie two pigtails before layering wire over a headband and creating a horn shape. Then just wrap your pigtails around the horns for a rather devilish look! This can also double up as a cat look – we love a versatile hairstyle!

3) The Superwoman Look

If you’re looking for something easy, effortless and makes you feel sophisticated, then going for retro Superwoman vibes is the hairstyle for you! Give yourself the big, bouncy curls that your hair has longed for. You’ll feel like a true superhero walking into that Halloween party!

4) The Riverdale Look

We love the retro vibe going on in Riverdale – and that’s why Betty and Veronica are our style icons, particularly when it comes to their hair. With your best friend, dress up as the dynamic duo and opt for a hassle-free hairstyle. For Veronica’s hair, give your hair a tousled but sophisticated ‘do with a middle parting, and for Betty, just slick your hair back into a very high ponytail.

5) The Rosie The Riveter Look

This is a firm favorite for every Halloween – and it’s hardly surprising! A bandana will be your trusty friend for this 50s-inspired look – pin curl your bangs and curl the rest of your hair before wrapping your accessory around your hair. This Rockabilly look works no matter what your hair length is and is so flattering on all face shapes.

6) The Minnie Mouse Look

Look like the adorable Disney character by transforming your hair into a cute pair of mouse ears! Create fan-shaped buns and pin into place to create an ear-like shape, and add dainty bows just like Minnie. It sure beats a headband and makes your outfit choice so much easier – perfect for the biggest Disney fan!

7) The Jackie O Look

For a look as iconic as the former First Lady, Jackie O is the person to dress up as this Halloween! Blow-dry your hair to create volume before slightly curling the ends of your hair outwards and the pieces framing your face inwards. Go for a nude pout and perfect your eyebrows – these beauty essentials will truly help you feel like Jackie O!

8) The Medusa Braid

Go for a wild and startling look like a Medusa-inspired braid. Sleep with your French braids in the night before for a messy and chaotic look, and then intertwine plastic snakes into them to mesmerize passersby! Team with a white dress and gold jewelry for a truly divine Halloween outfit!

9) The Mermaid Look

Whether you are dressing up as Ariel, or a mermaid of your own imagination, the mermaid look is ultra feminine and carefree. Sultry, flowing waves will give your look the hint of glamour it deserves, and to make it all the more authentic, use styling spray. This will give it that extra sheen, be careful not to make your hair look wet though!

10) The Harley Quinn Look

Last but not least, the badass Suicide Squad member with a bold sense of style. Harley Quinn’s hair is so easy to achieve – tie your hair into high pigtails before curling the ends, then apply non-toxic hair sprays or chalks to the ends of a taste of her vibrant and girly look. Finish off the look with a pale face and bright red lipstick, and, of course – a baseball bat!

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