Buying Clothes For Your Man


shopping for your man

You love your husband or boyfriend, but his lack of style has you disappointed. I am sure you have been trying to decide if shopping for him is a good idea or if it may cause problems in your relationship.

So, how do you let him know that you love him the way he is while also convincing him to up his style game? There are some ways to go about this that will not only not offend him but will also be fun for him.

After all, you know how good it feels to wear the exact right outfit for the occasion. He can feel the same way when he starts dressing better. It’s a win-win! Here are some guidelines to follow to get him dressing better and looking his best.

Work with what he has

In other words, if he goes for the slightly disheveled look, don’t try to get him into a conservative suit and tie. He can wear clothes that give off that Bohemian vibe that looks casual, and not too curated while still looking stylish.

Find a style that fits his personality so he doesn’t bristle at the thought of having to put on clothes that you want him to wear that he actually hates.

Help him accessorize

He may only be missing some pieces to finish the look that he already has. You know how important it is to accessorize but he might not understand how it can transform his look. One of the easiest ways to add some splash to his already on point style is to add ties to his wardrobe. I don’t mean ordinary ones. I am talking about ties that have a certain panache from boutique men’s fashion houses.

Hats can also help if he likes to keep his head covered. Again, it should fit his style. If he wears baseball caps then get him one that is in style.

Buy what he needs

Your man is more likely to wear what you get him when he actually needs the item. If he has been saying that he needs a new winter coat then go get that. If you get him new shoes when he already has his favorites then he is less likely to wear them.

As long as you are still mindful of his personal style and keep the outfit in line with that then it is guaranteed he will want to wear what you get him.

Get clothes that are useful

If he is somebody that loves the outdoors then try to find clothes that he will actually use for that activity. It doesn’t matter what it is he likes to do, you can find a stylish version of the clothes needed to do it.

Golf shirts may all seem standard, but you can find one that is more stylish and he will likely want to wear it on his next golf outing.

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