How To Cut Out The Overthinking And Restore Order In Your Mind


The brain is amazing. The brain is so very complex and full of wonder that we won’t figure out the intricate parts, or explain it all for a very long time. It allows us to conjure up all kinds of positives in life. It does also, however, make a lot of negatives appear, unfortunately. Mental health issues are something that has been discussed an awful lot more over the past few years, but the issues won’t be disappearing for a while – not until we figure it all out!

Overthinking is something that pretty much everyone does. We consider a scenario, and then we dig deeper and deeper until we find something we don’t want. That hypothetical thought then becomes reality because we’ve thought about it so much. It’s not happening; it will probably never happen, but that doesn’t stop us from believing it. Many people are able to put these silly thoughts aside and carry on with their day. There is a percentage of people that have a real habit of overthinking and catastrophizing, however.

Do you consider yourself to be someone that thinks way too deeply about certain issues? Well, the good news is that you can absolutely cut it out. It’s not with you for life. You might need a little behavioral therapy to kick it, but there are some simple things you can do in life to remove the overthinking. Here are a few for you right now:


One of the best things you can do to alleviate mental struggles is to exercise. Your mind is in a lot of pain, right? There is a lot of stress on your thoughts. It’s only right that you should move the pain and the stress to the muscles instead! They’re made to break down in order to build – they need the pressure. The brain knows that, too, and it’ll reward itself with an endorphin release whenever the body exercises, so get out and do it! You’ll also be able to sleep better at night, too, and that’s an added bonus.

Be Around Your Friends

Your friends have the ability to make you feel better just by existing – they don’t even have to do anything in particular; they just have to be present. As soon as you see your friends, the thoughts you have in your head tend to become a lot smaller and a lot less significant. What was once a disaster change into a minor inconvenience, somehow! If your burdening feeling persists, then you know you can talk to them about anything – that will surely make you feel at ease.


Getting away from your troubles is a great way of escaping what’s happening in your head. Sure, it would only be temporary, but that kind of attitude can be trained. If you keep getting into the habit of not overthinking, then it’ll eventually go away altogether. Travel to somewhere that isn’t your hometown! It could be something relatively near in your county/state, or something completely different like the spiritual new year’s eve Ayahuasca retreat. When your mind is absent from these thoughts, your mind becomes so much stronger – it becomes more enriched.

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