Makeup Milestones and how they shape our makeup use

No matter what age you discover makeup over time, there will be some milestones you will come across on your makeup journey that will ultimately shape how you manage your makeup routine in the future. There are also some times in your life where makeup will be more heavily featured, such as special events and your own personal expectations. Makeup can also be an amazing creative outlet and something that many people have turned into full-time careers. It’s easy to see why the beauty industry is such a huge part of the market, but how does each makeup milestone compare with our day to day use, and what are these milestones?


Putting makeup on for the first time, it’s not something you may remember specifically, but whether you were a child pretending to use your Mother’s expensive lipstick or an awkward teenager finding their way around the makeup section, the beginning of your make up journey is important. Your expectations for makeup products and how they work, as well as difficulties you may have had at the start, may set some opinions in your mind. If you happen to buy a branded foundation that cake to your skin pretty badly the first time you used it, then you may avoid that one next time, and potentially for a long time after. Even though it may have been just down to your preparation technique and unskilled method.


Putting on makeup to go out with friends or on a date is usually the time when we go “all-out “on our make up regime. Even picking up a new mascara for this special occasion, or putting on an extra layer of eyeshadow that you may not normally. Compliments or criticisms received during this time may shape how you decide to wear your make up next time. However, it’s important to remember that your opinion is the most important, and whilst there are plenty of tutorials to follow, you will always know your skin and how you like your makeup best. Wanting to look your best on a date is only natural, but remember to have fun both with the makeup and on the date, putting too much pressure on yourself isn’t a great idea if you want to be relaxed and yourself on these occasions.


We all remember our first disaster when it comes to makeup. Generally, it may have been when trying to work out how to apply eyeliner or mascara. Those mistakes can cost us time and energy. Smudged mascara all across your face, is not a great look and one that we will remember and learn from quite quickly. Ultimately makeup is a lot about trial and error, and these mistakes and failures are always going to serve us in the end. Just making sure you have time to fix these errors before a big night out is key. You can spend hours in front of YouTube with a mirror and a pallet and have lots of fun, making sure that your technique is perfect. Many YouTubers have actually forged careers out of doing this exact thing. It takes a lot of patience and some natural flair, but disasters can turn into wonderful experiences in the end.

Wedding day

Looking at our absolute best on our wedding day is usually a high priority. Usually, the whole room has their eyes on us, so a bit of makeup out of place is potentially going to be noticed. One of the best ways to avoid the fallout and potential problems here is to take skin care advice before your wedding day. It’s important that the bass you’re working with is in the best condition possible, and looking after your skin is a wonderful investment. Many people hire a professional makeup artist for their big day, and spend time with their bridesmaids and taking care of everybody on the morning of the wedding. Your makeup artist will thank you for making sure that they have a great canvas to work on. Feeling like you look absolutely amazing on your big day and at your best will do wonders for your confidence. This adds to your memorable experience and allows you to enjoy the day with your loved ones.

If you’re a big fan of makeup, and can’t leave the house without it, then you’ll know there are many pallets, and ranges out at the moment from popular celebrities, two bloggers who have broken into the market in spectacular fashion. It’s a big investment for many people and something that really improves their outlook. What’s not to love?

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