Winter Style Hacks For Curvy Girls


It is time to start layering up your clothes, and it is hard to find many people that aren’t here for it. There is something comforting about wearing warm and cozy knitted sweaters, pom-pom or beanie hats, scarves, and cute booties. But as comforting as winter can be for style, it can bring with it some struggles, especially if you are a curvy girl. Layering up can be tricky for some, as you want to make it comfortable, rather than you feeling like you’re adding thickness to your body. But there are plenty of different things that you can do to style your curves this season.

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Choose an open cardigan

It can be tempting to hide your curves under something that is quite boxy, like a jumper or even a poncho-style knit. But something that will look better on you is to have an open cardigan. If you tuck your t-shirt into your jeans, it can show off your waist, but the cardigan, especially if you choose a long version, will cover up anything that you don’t want to be seen. It compliments it all, rather than covers it all.

Stretchy Tights

It can seem like something that is really obvious, but you’re going to be the most comfortable if you have some tights that are going to be really stretchy and sit where you want them to. A lot of styles don’t have a lot of stretches, but wearing them with a dress or skirt over winter won’t be comfortable if you have some tights that keep falling down. So it can be a bit of trial and error with tights, but it will pay off to get a pair that works for you.

Cropped Sweatshirt

Of course, in winter, there are some days when taking a baggy sweatshirt or a baggy hoodie is a must. It is one of the ultimate comfortable pieces of clothing. But if you want to dress a little better and show off your body a little more, then how about choosing a cropped style? It can look a lot better but can be just as cozy and comfortable.

Boots with Stretch

It can be tricky to get jeans tucked into boots in winter if you don’t have the right pair of boots. But jeans and boots can be a really good and easy look for winter. Looking for a pair of boots in wide widths can often help to give a little more space. But if you can also find a pair of boots, especially knee-high boots, that have a stretchy elastic panel in the back of the boot. Much more comfortable!

Tuck in Sweaters

If you are looking for a style hack that is simple and easy, it is to tuck in your chunky sweaters. It helps to define your waist and looks much nicer than just hanging loose. You could leave the back loose and then just have a ‘French tuck’ a la Tan France in Queer Eye. It works with both skirts and jeans too and just looks really effortlessly cool.

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