3 Bridal Hair Mistakes to Avoid


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The wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, if not the most important one. And you want to look your best, from head to toe. To help you do exactly that, avoid these bridal hair mistakes that happen far too often. Make sure they don’t put a damper on your big day!

1. Not Meeting the Stylist Beforehand

The days leading up to the wedding are chaotic, from assigning table numbers to making sure the cake and flowers will deliver on time. There are likely one or two last-minute things to get and maybe even something you forgot all about, such as the décor for the head table.

But make sure you take the time to meet a trusted hairstylist like Corrie Elle Artistry before the day you wed. It’s a great way to share what you envision, from a sleek updo to a romantic half-up style.

You’ll also get a chance to see how the style fares in the hours after you leave the appointment. That’ll tell you if it’s a good choice for the big day. Then on the special day, you and the stylist have a shared vision, and your time together is more likely to go smoothly than if you were only meeting for the first time.

2. Coloring Hair the Week Prior

If you crave a change for the special day, then, go for it! It’s your day, and you want to look spectacular.

But don’t make the bridal hair mistake of coloring it yourself at home a few days beforehand. There’s always the chance that the hue looks terrific on the box and totally different on you.

Or, maybe your tresses resemble the boxed color, but you decide it doesn’t suit your complexion after all. Avoid being unhappy with the new hue by going to a professional colorist for the big day and doing so at least a few weeks before you wed.

Give yourself enough time to be able to change the color without damaging the hair if you don’t like the results. Plus, a pro at the salon knows what they’re doing, so they will guide you with what shade is a good choice and color it properly.

3. Being Overly Adventurous

Going too wild for your once-in-a-lifetime day can be tempting but isn’t always the way to go. Unfortunately, the more advanced you go for what you want to achieve with your hair, the more that could go wrong over the course of the day.

It’s important to keep in mind that the day is a long one, from the morning styling appointment through to the midnight hour, when you might end the event on the dance floor with guests. Make sure the stylist uses the right products to keep the style in place, including bobby pins and hairspray, as well as eliminating frizz.

Looking Your Best

When you look your best, you’re sure to feel confident and radiate the love you feel for the amazing partner who will join you in “I Do.” Don’t be afraid to try a different style when it comes to your hair, dress, and décor; it’s a day of love, and it will be amazing!

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