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The festive holiday season may be over but this year’s fun is just beginning. It will be a wedding season again in just a few months and you can be sure that you will want to dress to impress at some point this year. But with so many changes to the fashion industry – from more eco-friendly designs to the rise of bridal pantsuits – what should you be looking for to make a bold statement?

Here are a few ideas to consider.

Dress for Your Shape

One of the most important parts of fashion is also something that most of us forget: you should always dress for your shape. While body types go in and out of fashion, you can’t seriously be expected to transform your body each season to match – that would be ridiculous. This is why it’s so important that you understand your body type and dress in what looks amazing on you, not necessarily what is in fashion this season.

When you want to dress to impress, dressing for your body shape is really important. Take a look at the dresses on Madison James as a great example – each model is making the most of her shape, emphasizing her best features. The right dress isn’t necessarily the one you saw on the catwalk recently, sometimes a fashion from decades before is perfect for you.

Adapt What You Have

As we all become more aware of our impact on the planet, our fashion choices have to change. Though buying a new dress for every event feels like the expected practice, you might now consider how you can make more of your party outfits and reduce waste. If Joaquin Phoenix can wear the same tux over and again throughout the awards season, surely everyone can get at least a few wears out of their favorite party outfit.

To adapt what you have, you might like to experiment with different pieces of jewelry, try adding a jacket, swapping out different shoes or, if you are talented at the sewing machine you could be even more creative. The more creative you are willing to be, the more options you will have so when you reuse and remake, have fun!

Have Fun With Your Wardrobe

Clothes are supposed to be fun and taking a more environmentally friendly approach doesn’t need to dampen this aspect of fashion. As everyone learns to love what they have and be more creative when constructing an outfit, you may well find yourself in good company at the forefront of fashion sustainability.

Dressing to impress is all about showing off your shape and your style choices. You don’t need fast fashion to do this – you need an understanding of what looks good on you and the confidence to run with your choices. Ultimately, new styles come from people making bold statements and being themselves.

Fashion has always been a way to make a statement and an opportunity to express yourself. Whether you are planning to wear the same outfit just once or multiple times, make sure that whatever you choose, you have fun.

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