Five Tips for a Perfect Prom Experience


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The prom season is finally here. Your gorgeous dress or tuxedo is ready. Your hair, nails, and makeup are top-notch. Your dinner reservations are all set. Plus, you now know how to make those dance moves that will wow your classmates. And, if you are a guy, you already have a date with the most popular girl in school. You can’t wait for the big night. What could go wrong? Well, once you have all your preparations done, use these five tips to ensure you have that perfect prom experience you want:

1.   Talk about Expectations with Your Date

Prom nights are full of expectations. Parents want their kids to set clear boundaries as to how much they can enjoy themselves. In contrast, kids want to get the best out of their last night out with their schoolmates. Again, a prom date is under pressure to express intimate feelings to the other. Therefore, it is important to discuss with your partner what your expectations are. Agree on what you want to do. Also, let your prom date know what activities you enjoy less.

2.   Keep Time

Prom night features several fun activities. Picture this. You want to get some pics at the photo booth. Then, grab some popcorns and linger around the movie corner. Some schools hold raffles and auctions. You may want to participate in the prom fashion show too. Then, there is the leading dance and dinner. The list of entertainment ideas for the prom night is endless. But, with such a limited time, you need to plan your time well. Ensure you spend quality time at each of the events that you cherish.

3.   Dress Appropriately

Note that, a prom is a formal farewell event. All participants are to come dressed up in their proper attire. Hence, ensure you follow the strict instructions given by the prom organizers. Where you feel uncertain about your outfit, you should seek approval from the school administration. Or consult experts like Terry Costa, who will guide you for a fitting choice. Still, be modest. That is, keep off any tight jeans, laced shoes, or layers.

4.   Mind Your Manners at the Table

A prom dinner is a formal event. Hence, observe table manners. That is, eating starts once everyone receives their serving. Second, never stuff your mouth with excess food. Chew slowly with your mouth closed. Keep your voice low. And, never interrupt someone when they are talking.

5.   Opt for the Prom After Party 

Once the prom night is over, kids often extend to an after-party session. Such parties are to be alcohol and drugs-free. Hence, it is the right way of keeping off any irresponsible behavior out of peer pressure. Still, if you have been drinking, take a cab home. It is irresponsible to drink and drive.

For a perfect prom experience, ensure you have a checklist of how to prepare for the big date. Use the above five tips to get ready for the night. Then, practice for the big day. Avoid wearing excessive makeup. And, your jewelry should be of a neutral tone. Finally, have fun.

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