Getting To The Root Of What Stress Can Do To Your Hair

Modern life can be hella stressful. From work to personal connections and beyond, we’re always ON, and you can betcha it’s taking its toll. No longer do we get the downtime we need, and no longer do our bodies enjoy the benefits of relaxation. The result? Stress like you wouldn’t believe.


Around eight in ten Americans now report high stress levels, which is especially worrying when you consider that stress can do all manner of damage to our bodies. High blood pressure might be top of that list, but guess what? Stress can do a fair amount of damage to your hair, too.

High stress levels for extended periods reduce the flow of nutrients to your hair, resulting in thinning, limp appearance, and a whole lot besides (grey hair, anyone?). Luckily, all hope isn’t lost if you’ve already started to notice these issues. In fact, the stress-based hair care tips we’re going to discuss here could see your most prized feature back to health in no time.

It’s pampering time

Your hair and your self, deserve a little pampering. We get it; you’re stressed and time is of the essence, but be sure never to skip this simple step. Booking a color and cut could, after all, be the thing that brings your lacklustre hair back to life, even if that life does come from a bottle. More importantly, taking enforced time out could see you chilling at last, and ultimately improving the condition of your hair as a result. It’s a double-edged treat, and it’s one you need sooner rather than later.

The products you need

You’ll also want to stock up on plenty of home-based products to get your hair back up to scratch. Perhaps first on this list should be something like Bosley’s nourishing shampoo, which is widely recognized as the best shampoo for thinning hair. Using this will go a long way towards finally adding volume to your thinning locks. Scalp drops from reputable sellers can also help to address dandruff from reduced nutrient absorption, while hair masks can work wonders for replacing lost nutrients during recovery.

The root of your stress

Once you’ve saved your hair’s appearance temporarily, it’s time to address your stress at its root. Until you turn your attention here, you’ll be forever fighting a hair battle. Make an effort to fit more downtime (and maybe pamper time?) into your evenings, and learn to disconnect using practices like meditation. It might not seem like it’s got anything to do with your hair, but a few weeks of dedication should undoubtedly see your locks looking healthier again in no time.

Stress is, unsurprisingly, stressful, and the chances are that you have enough to worry about without taking your hair into account, too. But, whether you want to worry about it or not, your mental wobble is going to impact the appearance of your hair. Make sure this doesn’t become yet another stressor by addressing the issue in these ways sooner rather than later.

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