How to Wear a Trench Coat in Spring 2020


The trench coat was a very popular piece of clothing during World War II. It was worn by soldiers for its weather-resistant features. These coats can protect you from the rain and the wind and can easily keep you warm even in tough weather conditions.

But ever since, trench coats have evolved to become one of the most popular fashion trends worldwide. The coats are very versatile. They can be worn over a dress, a pair of jeans, or even on their own. Either way, they have a certain level of class and charm.

So, in case you’re planning on wearing your trench coat this spring, check out these tips that will easily help you pull it off:

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1. Wear It Over Another Jacket

Despite its strong fashion sense, a trench coat is still a protective layer of clothing. Instead of just using it as your only layer during the rainy and windy spring, think of it as a protective piece that keeps everything else underneath warm.

In that case, you may want to wear it over a jacket. This will ensure you stay warm without really denting the fashion appeal of this beautiful coat.

2. Pop It with Color

There’s this misconception that trench coats need to be neutral. Well, it’s actually not true. You can still go for bold colors and pull it off, especially if you combine the coat with additional neutral elements.

For example, bold colored women trench coats can easily blend with a neutral scarf and vice versa. Bold colors are often ideal for making a fashion statement but can also bring a vibrant touch of elegance in the way you dress.

3. Make It Part of Your Evening Look

A trench coat is probably one of the most classic evening clothes. We know people don’t care when they wear the coat, but there’s just something special about walking down a poorly lit alley in a windy city as your trench coat flaps against the evening breeze.

Consider pairing the coat with a sequin evening skirt. Simple gowns with neutral tones should also work out great.

4. Combine the Coat with a Casual Look

The versatility of trench coats makes them an ideal pick for both casual and professional looks. But they often look much better when they are combined with casual clothing pieces.

In fact, just throw in the trench coat on anything you wear. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing, a trench coat will just make it look better.

5. Wear It as a Dress

Yes, you don’t have to wear a trench coat over anything. It can also double up as a dress. You can combine it with some stockings if you want but it’s not necessary.

This is probably one of the sexiest ways you can wear a trench coat and it requires a lot of guts to pull it off. But believe me, it will be worth the try.

6. Make It Dark and Edgy

We have noted above that there’s nothing wrong with coloring up your trench coat. But in case you want to have that edgy, stunning look, darker colors are perfect.

A dark coat with a neutral shade can be combined with anything. Whether you want to keep it casual or just professional and mysterious, dark trench coats are the go-to option for you.

7. Drape It Over Your Shoulders

Draping your coat over the shoulders is a huge fashion statement. It’s a very popular trend these days and it lends a casual appeal to an otherwise professional look.

For many years, draping the coat was usually associated with suits. But things have changed. In fact, some might even argue that draping a trench coat is more fashionable than anything else. Whether you are wearing casuals on the day or coming from an executive meeting somewhere in Wall Street, walking with your trench draping over your shoulders gives you a classic look that will get eyes rolling.

Wearing a trench coat isn’t nearly as hard as it seems. With the right combination of clothing and a can-do attitude, you can easily pull it off. After all, a trench coat is by far one of the most versatile pieces of clothing out there.

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