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Japanese fashion is truly one of a kind! It’s full vibrate colors and patterns that can inspire anyone! The vibrate silk fabricate in Japanese culture is used in many ways, one of the most popular uses is for kimonos. There is something so timeless about a Japanese kimono. It’s a long-established type of fashion.  It’s often traditional but stylists have made it modern and wearable for an everyday look. Here are some easy ways you can incorporate kimono fashion.

Short History of Kimonos

The word “kimono” in Japanese simply means clothing. Although today when we refer to the word, we think of the traditional clothing pieces. Kimonos, as we know them today, came into the Heian period. Certain patterns and different fabrics would determine what class or clan you belonged to in the late years. Kimonos can be worn at weddings, tea ceremony or even attending a funeral. Traditional Kimonos in Japan are considered a treasured piece of clothing that you wear only to a significant event in your life. Although times have changed, and many people wear kimonos every day entire. Today kimonos are beautifully worn by both men and women of the world.

Kimonos Fashion Today

Today Japanese streetwear incorporates the kimono in everyday wear. Making it casual and appropriate for any occasion.

streetwear fashion kimono

In Streetwear Fashion, you can wear a black kimono as an oversized coat. This can be worn over any t-shirt to add more depth to your ensemble. This look is quite popular this year. Portraying a more dark and edgy look for streetwear lovers.

women's kimonos

Women’s Kimonos

Another great example of how you can pair the kimono is by wearing special pieces with the kimono. This kimono has a statement embroidery on the back which allows the person who is wearing it to stand out. The bold embroidery of the dragon is just the perfect touch of boldness everyone needs in there wardrobe.

long and casual kimonos

Long & Casual

Shop long and casual kimonos are so comfy and whimsical, perfect for a spring day. This look effortless look is becoming increasingly popular this year. Many long flowy kimonos feature different shapes and patterns while some or simple and all one color.

oversized kimonos

Oversized Kimonos

Try the oversized kimono look it is perfect for both men and women. This easy-going relaxed look is comfy for running errands all day or even for relaxing at home. Pairing this look with loose jeans and everyday sandals.

Casual everyday kimonos

A casual everyday kimono should be light and airy. Definitely not too heavy, comfortable and something you can throw on. Both men and women can wear the easy-going look. Shop basic colors in a kimono that way you can pair it with absolutely anything.

casual everyday kimono

So, there you have it! Some simple tips and tricks to help you rock your kimono all season long. Whether you are a male or a female anyone can look good in this simple easy going appearance.

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