Things You Should Know Before Getting a Cashmere Scarf


cashmere scarf

Cashmere is luxe, cozy and all kinds of stylish, if you’re looking for a timeless material that’s going to keep you perfectly snug for a long time to come, there’s just nothing better out there! For a long, long time cashmere has been reserved for seriously luxurious brands and flushed bank accounts, but thankfully these days there’s actually plenty of options out there for everyone to get their hands on. Now, although this change is incredibly welcome and exciting, it can pose some issues. Here’s what you need to know before you click add to cart on that cashmere scarf that’s caught your eye…

How much should you pay?

This is probably the most significant question out there when it comes to shopping for cashmere. As mentioned above, cashmere really was a textile that was saved for the 1% and that’s changed and developed over recent years. The factors that impact the price of cashmere include:

Where it comes from: Cashmere is derived from the winter undercoat of a goat, and this goat can come from anywhere in the world.

Grade: Grade refers to the thickness of your cashmere’s fibre, usually it’s divided into grade A and B. B is more subject to piling as it is a coarser fibre and requires more processing to make it softer.

Blend: Blend doesn’t have to be a dirty word when it comes to cashmere, but it will impact the overall price, feel and quality. A cashmere/cotton blend will decrease the price and keep things natural whereas a cashmere/acrylic blend will not really give you the softness you’re hunting for. Pure cashmere is the best of the best and great to invest in.

Brand: Of course, we’re usually paying for a brand name as well as a product when we’re shopping. If you’re buying from a huge name brand you’re paying for the label as well as the piece, so keep this in mind when you’re browsing around.

Size options

Timeless cashmere scarves come in all manners of size, and the best way to choose the right one for you is to consider your day to day lifestyle. A larger style is great if you’re always jet setting around and you like to snuggle up on the plane, a snood style is great if you find yourself with your hands full and on the go constantly or a medium fit style is best if you want a fuss-free everyday winter staple.

Washing instructions matter, a lot

Keep an eye on the washing instructions before you buy something, please! This is so easy to ignore and the results can be heartbreaking – cashmere should not, repeat not, find its way into the washing machine. Ever. Hand wash only or follow the instructions meticulously to avoid any disasters.

Colour considerations

You can’t very well forget about colour, can you? Never! If you’re looking for a staple that can come absolutely everywhere with you, stick to the neutral colour palette. Lighter tones such as dove grey, dusty pink or cream will work amazingly with everything whilst black and navy will blend perfectly with a winter colour palette. If you want to add a pop of colour, look for a bold tomato red or emerald green tone. A statement scarf can completely switch up an outfit and bring some serious style to the table.

Think about these factors before shopping for your new scarf and you can be sure to find the perfect cashmere style for you and your wardrobe!

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