5 Shoes for the Perfect Work Wardrobe


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Finding shoes to wear for work can be a real pain. Whether you work in a smart or casual office, wearing the right footwear says a lot about your attitude towards the business. A professional employee dresses professionally and wants to fit in.

In an ideal world, we’d always wear shoes that are comfortable and stylish. But, often, the two don’t go hand in hand. Adding professionalism to the list can make the requirements feel impossible to meet. But you can. Here are five shoes for the perfect work wardrobe.


Women’s boots can be difficult to get right. There are so many styles to choose from, ranging from Chelsea boots to sock boots to high leg boots. But boots are an ideal go-to when dressing for the office. Most boots offer a level of comfort that other shoes don’t, while still looking professional. Plus, they can be paired with pretty much anything in your work wardrobe. A low-heeled ankle boot looks great with cigarette trousers, midi skirts and dresses, and they keep your feet toasty in winter.


Loafers are underrated. They’re sleek, sophisticated and extremely comfortable. If you’re someone who has an aversion to heels and you walk around a lot at work, loafers are definitely for you. Offering a variety of styles, you can pick demure, sophisticated loafers, or go for something a little more fun with colors or tassels. They look professional and add a stylish layer to your work wardrobe.


Pumps and loafers are pretty similar, except pumps offer a little less support. So, if you like your feet to feel light and breezy, pumps are perfect for your work wardrobe. They’re elegant, pretty and come in a variety of different patterns and materials. While you can get pumps cheap, they’re worth spending a little more money on. Bad quality pumps are flimsy and fragile and can fall apart easily. Walking around in holey shoes doesn’t scream professionalism.


Women’s brogues are excellent for a professional tailored look. Normally coming in suede and leather, they’re perfect for workwear without being too showy. They’re ideal for casual or formal offices and offer a level of comfort and warmth that loafers and pumps don’t. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the socks you wear underneath. Pair your brogues with dresses for a more feminine look, or cut off jeans for something a little more casual. If you’re feeling funky, go for brogues in a bright green or pastel pink.

Block heel

If you prefer wearing a heeled shoe to work, you can’t go wrong with a block heel. These provide support when walking around the office and look amazing with trousers and dresses. Wear slip-on mules for a casual summery look, or go for ankle straps for a little more support. Just make sure you’re comfortable walking in your work heels – tripping and stumbling on your way to the meeting doesn’t make you look particularly professional.

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