How To Make Sure Your Loved Clothing Items Last



When you’ve spent a lot of time – and money – curating a perfect wardrobe, getting ready for any event is a joy. You will have plenty of items of clothing that can, hopefully, be paired with other pieces and accessories to achieve the perfect look for any occasion; with a few items and outfits that are kept back for special wear or even purely for nostalgia. Oftentimes, your wardrobe may feel as much like an art gallery as a place for storing clothes.

Of course, storing your favorite pieces is not the end of the line; if you want to have a closet that offers endless wonder on any occasion, you’ll need to make sure that whenever you reach into that closet, the clothing will be ready to wear. Having spent that time, and that money, on these pieces, you will want to ensure that you get value, and that means making sure that the clothes do not fall into disrepair. This means protecting your most valued pieces from the following hazards…

Not enough space

Shopping for clothes is always a pleasure, and adding to your collection is the point of the thing – so it may seem churlish to suggest that you should have a limit on the number of garments in your closet. However, clothing – and all fabric – needs space to breathe and hang naturally. If conditions in your wardrobe are too cramped, this can damage the shape and cut of a garment – and by packing items in too tightly, you can prevent them from getting the air they need.

This latter point leads to clothing needing to be specially cleaned, which can shorten its lifespan. As a rule, when you buy new items, you should pick the same number of items to lose from the wardrobe. You can store them elsewhere, or wave them goodbye, but make sure everything has sufficient space in your closet.

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Moths and other pests

It’s something of a cliche, but it is also absolutely true: moths love to eat clothing, and when your garments are hanging up for what might be months between each wearing, those little pests can make use of that time to chew their way through your outfits. You can use mothballs in the wardrobe, although these can have some repercussions on health – so you may be well advised to ask “where can I buy pheromone moth traps”; these will capture moths without the attendant risks to well-being. These traps are designed to only appeal to the breeds of moth that are a danger to your clothing.

Inefficient rotation

If you have a wardrobe full of clothes, then chances are you have a few favorite garments that you keep going back to – which is fine. However, this can mean that those garments sit at the front of the closet, and you rarely look past them to find something you haven’t worn in a while. The upshot of this is that clothes often don’t get taken out and worn, and simply hang there slowly losing shape. Make sure you rotate your wardrobe regularly and, while the clothes are outside the space waiting to be re-hung, freshen up the closet with some spray scent and maybe burn a candle in there.

When you’ve spent enough money on clothing, you will want to make sure that you get value for that spend. Ensuring that each item you buy is treated kindly and fairly in your wardrobe entails looking carefully at the above points, and really caring for clothes.

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