Make the Switch to Magnetic Eyelashes

It is hard to make a change but beauty experts tell you that paying attention to trends in makeup is worth your while. While people have been using false eyelashes for decades it wasn’t until recently that manufacturers started phasing out the glue and creating something more practical to use. That tool happens to be magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner and just about everyone is switching over due to its streamlined look. If you aren’t sold on the benefits of magnetic eyelashes, please refer to the information below. 

In the past, people would traditionally use eyelash glue to attach their false eyelashes. Over the years, beauty experts found that there probably is a better way to attach false eyelashes that don’t involve glue. Magnetic Eyelashes were created by Katy Stoka in 2014. Its inception was praised by Allure magazine calling magnetic lashes a breakthrough innovative beauty product.  Stoka had in her mind a lash that is effortlessly weightless and can be worn without mascara. 

They Are Affordable 

Walking into a store that specializes in makeup can be overwhelming especially if you are on a budget. A great thing about magnetic lashes is the simple fact that anyone can afford them. While there are some exceptions to this rule for those that can afford a higher-end lifestyle, you can get a decent pair of magnetic eyelashes that fit your budget. So you will be able to save money while wearing something that enhances your look. 

They are Reusable 

One of the most discouraging aspects of using traditional false lashes is the fact that they are wasteful. While these lashes can be affordable, you can rest well at night because these lashes are reusable. Typically with traditional eyelashes, you only get to enjoy them once so you absolutely have to make it count. With magnetic lashes, you can find some that suit your own personal look and don’t have to worry about spending copious amounts of money on new pairs.

They Fit Perfectly To the Lid 

Another common complaint about using traditional lashes is that they do not fit the lid properly. With magnetic lashes, you get a product that completely fits the lid effortlessly in a streamlined manner. Instead of using eyelash glue, you can use magnetic eyeliner that causes an adhesive agent that will enable you to attach your lashes. 

Having allergies can be a brutal experience and especially if you are into makeup. You have to really dig to find something that doesn’t irritate your skin in a way that causes breakouts. Eyelashes are no exception for those that have allergies. If you are someone that suffers from allergies and aren’t sold on magnetic lashes yet, you are in luck. Magnetic false eyelashes are completely free from allergens and toxins that cause breakouts. Instead of having a reaction to the glue, you will be using magnetic eyeliner to attach your lashes. 

While shopping around for magnetic lashes keep in mind there are plenty of different stores that offer you a deal. One manufacturer that sells false lashes is Moxie Lash. Many high profile make-up enthusiasts rave at what  Moxie Lash has to offer. Be sure to check out what Paris Hilton refers to as a total game-changer in makeup. 

Change can be hard when it comes to beauty trends but results have shown that it is definitely worth taking the plunge. Gone are the days where you have to wipe away eyelash glue. Instead, all you have to do is apply magnetic mascara onto your lid and attach your lashes in one fail swoop. If you are into makeup trends and understanding why they are trendy, magnetic eyelashes are definitely worth your while. Be sure to do your research and find the magnetic eyelashes that are perfect for you and your eye shape. 

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