4 Common Factors That Trigger Hair Loss

The hair can sometimes be the least part of the head that we’ll care of. Most of us will leave our hair looking the way that it is while some turn to use styling equipment to change its appearance. Little do they know, these styling tools can cause substantial damages to the hair. Damage to the hair, such as dry and brittle roots, is never healthy. Unfortunately, this happens to everyone. And it is we who cause these damages by the use of harmful hair products such as hair blowers, flat irons and chemical-based ointments.

The hair breakage may be temporary in most instances. People can fix and restore their hair easily using the right products and having adequate information. You may decide to take medical hair treatments like a hair transplantation procedure or get to know what causes hair loss for prevention. In this article, you’ll know the four common culprits in hair loss problems. We’ve also included some DOs and DON’Ts to keep your scalp and hair healthy.

You Shampoo Your Hair Everyday

Washing your hair every day is not something you should do, especially if you’re starting to shed a lot of hair strands. The shaft swells when you wet your hair, making your hair more breakable. Shampoos are also great tools to clean your hair and scalp, but using them regularly will kill the natural oils that make the hair look healthy and result in a dull and dry appearance instead.

You Bleach Your Hair

Since hair colouring has been trending nowadays, a lot of people are experiencing damaged and burnt-like hair. For some, especially those who are not professionals in hair colouring, they usually end up cutting their hair short due to their brittle hair caused by bleaching. Bleaching products are strong and can damage hair cuticles. This leads to split ends growth and excessive hair loss. Also, it causes the hair to become frizzy and dry when generic bleaches are added to the hair.

You Use Hair Styling Equipment That Produces Heat

We’ve mentioned earlier how hairstyling tools can damage hair and, like what the hair experts say, these tools are the number one cause of damaged hair. It’s not advisable to regularly use blow dryers and flat irons on the hair as it dehydrates it. When you dry your hair, use the blower mode of your hairdryer without using any heat. Or, you can just leave it to dry.

You Carry So Much Stress

Too much stress or shock causes your hair roots’ growth cycle to reach its rest stage, which results in hair loss. Stress has become a big part of everyone’s daily lives as much as we try to escape it. Particularly for people working in stressful surroundings. If you do manage to escape or avoid stress, your hair will begin to grow healthily, and less hair shedding will occur.

How Can I Stop And Prevent Hair Loss?

While we can’t always stop our hair from falling off, there are ways we can prevent them from reaching the point that we get bald spots on our scalp. Here are some DOs and DON’Ts that you should follow to prevent and halt excessive hair loss:


  • DO leave your hair to dry on its own after washing. This is the safest way to avoid hair damage. If you’re in a hurry and there’s a need to dry your hair, make sure to lower the heat levels of your hair blower before using it.
  • DO wash hair frequently. To ensure healthy hair growth keep the scalp clean. Shampoo your hair only three times a week.
  • DO brush hair in the morning and at night before going to sleep. This way, you can eliminate the dust, dirt, and dead skin on the scalp. Also, doing so will prevent your hair follicles from getting damaged.
  • DO have a healthy diet. Eat nutritious foods that contain hair enhancing nutrients like fish and nuts. Fish has omega-3 fatty acid that is very good for healthy hair growth.
  • DO have a haircut from time to time. This way, you can remove split ends and trigger your hair to grow faster.
  • DO use hair conditioning products, especially after shampooing hair. Conditioners are like the lotions of the hair. The skin needs lotion to maintain its smoothness, so does the hair! 
  • DO clean your hair with the right products, be it dry or oily hair. People with dry hair can use shampoos that contain moisturizing contents. Shampoos and hair products can be a great benefit for oily hair with oil-regulating factors.


  • DON’T over-style your hair.
  • DON’T rub too hard on the scalp when shampooing. Never use your nails to rub as you can wound yourself and damage your hair follicles.
  • DON’T tie your hair when it’s wet and don’t tie it too tight.
  • DON’T brush or comb your wet hair as it gets fragile when soaked.
  • DON’T over-expose your scalp and hair to the sun. Yes, the hair also needs vitamin D, and the sun is a good source of it, but excessive exposure to the sun will only cause more damage to the hair.
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