5 Tips to Looking Naturally Beautiful Everyday

How many times have you been envious of someone’s natural beauty? And you can’t help wondering if they woke up that pretty. Well, it’s likely, they didn’t, and instead, they have committed themselves to a good beauty routine.

Everyone can be naturally beautiful every day, and it doesn’t take much effort. With spring around the corner, we want to be looking our best without covering ourselves with heavy makeup. So, we’ve outlined a few tips on accomplishing that natural look.

Always Moisturise

Before you do anything else and start applying makeup, put a moisturizer on your skin. This will make your face look healthy. Nourish your skin with an organic moisturizer that will bring out the natural glow in your face without harsh chemicals.

This will make your skin look naturally smooth and youthful. If you moisturize it’ll help reduce the habit of applying heavy amounts of foundation. Let your skin replenish with a moisturizer that doesn’t have harmful chemicals.

Neaten Up Your Brows

A good brow rarely comes naturally so an easy way to look pretty is to neaten them up. Keep on top of plucking, shaping, or dying them so that you can wake up ready to go. Shape and fill in your brows to bring structure to your face. 

Less is more, so don’t go over the top with the eyebrow pencil and make sure to pick a colour that suits your skin tone. A dark eyebrow pencil won’t look natural with blondes. So, think about the colour before buying.

Use a Bit of Concealer

It can be obvious if someone has gone overboard on their concealer or foundation. However, to look naturally beautiful it’s good to use concealer wisely, by dabbing it on small blemishes on your skin and dark bags.

It’s essential to pick a concealer or foundation that perfectly matches your skin. Go to beauty stores and get testers before you buy. It’s important to find a colour that suits your face, so avoid testing them on your hand.

Apply Natural Eyeshadow

One of the biggest makeup mistakes is badly applied eyeshadow. Use gentle browns that can enhance your eyes whilst still looking natural. We recommend finding a palette that suits your skin tone.

Gently apply the eyeshadow in the creases of your eyes, as this will naturally make your eyes look bigger. Prep your eyes with primer before use and use a lighter eyeshadow near your tea drop, which brighter up your face.  

Have Shiny, Healthy Hair

Healthy, undamaged hair is key to looking naturally beautiful. Look after your hair by reducing the amount you apply heat, or make sure to apply heat protector spray on your hair before using straighteners.

Use natural products like olive oil or coconut oil to make your hair softer and shinier. The benefit of olive oil is that it nourishes your hair. Apply some to your hair, leave for a few hours then wash out to get that healthy, natural look.

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