Curly Hair Will Never Go Out Of Fashion!

2020 will go down in history as one of the most turbulent and unexpected years. A global crisis and confinement have made us collide with the importance of nature in our lives. The considerable reduction in the use of makeup or indoor sports has changed the concept of beauty, and, yes, in terms of hair, nothing will ever be the same as before. 

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After the first weeks of confinement, straightening or styling the hair took a back seat for many people. Curly hair came back around, and people who naturally have curly hair are learning to fall back in love with it while they sit at home working or twiddling their thumbs. The truth is, curly hair has never gone out of fashion, and it is one of the most elegant styles to date. If you want to maintain that healthy look or have straight hair and want your hair to look curly, you may need to put in the extra effort. Invest in some useful hair tools, such as a curling iron; click here to see more.

Visit the hairdresser

From the outset, the key is in your haircut. Very long hair adds weight and causes the curl to blur. If your hair is straight, the short layers will also help you gain volume as the curl takes shape.

Halle Berry is another benchmark when it comes to curly hair. She never looked so great as when she had that voluminous short style, which shows us her very defined curls but with a lot of movement still. Some slightly lighter highlights add even more texture to this beautiful hairstyle.

How and when to brush my curls correctly?

As recommended by hairdressers, it is a good idea to use leave-in products so that you can detangle it comfortably and, at the same time, continue to hydrate it until the next wash. It gives them an extra to prevent it from drying out, frizzy and dull. On the other hand, you can detangle and style curly hair after washing and applying the conditioner. Also, it should be detangled with a barbed comb. Curly hair should never be brushed with a brush. Brushes swell the hair and leave it lumpy. It also does not recommend that it be done dry.

Do I always have to use specific products for curly hair?

According to some leading professionals, the answer is no. When using specific products for curly hair, the hair sinks and it can lose its curls. On the other hand, if you have thick and dry hair, it is convenient to use specific products to help control and define the curls. You may want to look at home remedies though, to make your hair smoother.

I want to cut my hair myself, how do I do it? 

Don’t do it. Cutting your hair at home is highly inadvisable because curly hair is cut with light gradients and with a lot of knowledge of the technique. You should only ever trim the split ends if you are comfortable and have the right equipment to do so!

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