Smart Fitness Hacks To Get You Quick And Effective Results

smart fitness hacks

Fitness is something that women often aspire for but are seldom able to achieve. The biggest challenge is to stick to the routine long enough to attain your goals. Moreover, things can get even tougher if you are out of shape or plan to restart a workout schedule after a long break (maybe after the holiday season or maternity). Thankfully, there are ways to achieve quick and effective results that are visible as lost pounds and inches. It is just about nailing the right routine and adhering to it. Here are some smart hacks that can help you get closer to your goals.

Start with only 15 minutes

Whether you are a first-timer or are planning a comeback, slow and easy is the way to go. In fact, 15 minutes of exercise is the most realistic routine for someone who has not moved for a long time. You can expect workouts to be agonizing initially but things get easier as you build your stamina over time. Apart from the 15 minute-formula, it is best to stick to activities of your choice during the initial days and gradually try more rigorous ones as you get stronger.

Shape your environment

Before shaping up your body, it is important to shape your environment first. Start by waking up an hour earlier to make time for the run or the gym. Pack your bag overnight and have a smoothie shaken up and ready in the fridge so that you can head straight for the front door. Keep your weekly schedule pinned up at your work desk and on the fridge and you are bound to stay true to it.

Style up for the gym

Something that women love the most is to dress up and when you do it consciously for your workout, you have one good reason to be on schedule. Revamping your gym wardrobe with the latest from athleticwear brands such as Fabletics is a good idea. Before you shop, have a look at the hottest trends and decide your personal style to shop clothing that blends both. Don’t forget styling with the right shoes and accessories because a diva look keeps you going.

Find a workout buddy

Another good idea to achieve results quickly and effectively is to have a workout buddy to compete with. While the competitive streak would drive you to do better, your workout buddy would also motivate you in the weakest moment when you feel like quitting. You can coax your partner or best friend to join you as your buddy. Alternatively, you may find someone at the gym.

Reward yourself

While this may sound contradictory, rewarding results keeps you motivated for pushing your boundaries. To start with, you must come up with realistic goals and milestones. Every time you achieve a weight loss milestone, reward yourself with a treat. Though you may opt for a cheat meal initially, the choices will get healthier as you see the results getting better over time.

Losing weight quickly and effectively is easier than you may think. Just follow these hacks and you will see results that will surprise you.

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