What are the Challenges of Fat Loss & What you need to do?

fat loss challenges

Not losing fat even after all the efforts can be disheartening. And at times, could also be discouraging.

When you are exercising daily, you expect the results to show up and fast. However, it is possible to not witness any difference in your weight, even after taking the right diet. If this is the case with you, there are chances that you are following outdated advice or maybe making a mistake somewhere.

Here, in this post, we have tried to clarify all your misconceptions and false beliefs. So, if you want to have long term effects without following any false methods, keep reading.

Common Challenges You Face and Their Solutions

  • No change in the fat percentage: In your viewpoint, you might feel that you are taking the right amount of calories. But, if you are not losing fat from your body, it means that you are not eating the right amount. Portion control is of vital importance during fat loss. And, not keeping up with the portion control regimens can produce less effectiveness or no effect at all. 

Solution: Counting calories and reducing them by a sustainable and healthy amount is the only way out. It acts as a huge contributor. Always remember, that your calorie consumption is based on your weight. This is the reason that every individual has their own calorie count. This is why it is important to get it calculated on your doctor’s recommendation. You can also calculate it with the help of online calorie counters by entering your age, height, weight and sex.

  • Muscle Pain: If you work harder than required, it will result in microscopic damage to the muscle fibres, resulting in muscle soreness or stiffness. Delayed onset muscle soreness is often referred to be caused by the building up of the lactic acid. However, muscle soreness is an indicator of getting stronger. Nonetheless, while exercising, muscles are stressed and the fibres start breaking down, resulting in pain.

Solution: Once you know that your muscles are sore, you should get a massage. It helps in improving blood circulation and digestion. In addition to this, it helps in reducing muscle tension, swelling, increasing the motion range, stiffness and reduces the chances of injuries. You can get more Tucson massage services info and learn about the massage therapies on offer. Getting a massage will prepare you for the next workout with more energy.

  • No change in your weight: A number of people believe that if the scale is not moving, they are not shedding kilos. Let us tell you something – this is a huge misconception. Your weight can fluctuate with the changes in hormones, water retention, or increased estrogen levels. It has nothing to do with the scale reading. Remember, that you are in the process of gaining muscle and losing fat. Even, if the scale number does not change do not worry.

Solution: The very first step that you need to do is start focusing on the inches rather than the weighing scale machine. Measure your waist, neck, arms and legs with the help of a measuring tape. Also, see the difference in your old clothes. If they are turning loose, especially around the waist, this is a sign of good fat loss.

  • Losing muscle mass: Not focusing on restricting the calories while exercising, leads to a loss in muscle mass. As a result, decreasing your metabolic rate. This is because you are over-exercising or not exercising at all. Gaining muscle is all about having a toned body. Therefore, overexercising will not help as it is unsustainable and leads to stress.

Solution: As mentioned above, less exercise leads to a loss in muscle mass and too much of it could result in severe stress. Making a balance and calculating the intensity and frequency of the exercises is the way out. Studies show that lifting weights is one of the best ways that can help you to gain sufficient muscle mass and increase your metabolic rate. Besides, it also helps in improving overall body composition.

  • Increased hunger levels: When you are on a calorie deficit diet, you feel hungry. The reason for this is the release of the ghrelin hormone. This hormone released from the stomach makes you feel hungry. But, there are a lot of scientifically-backed ways that can help in reducing appetite and hunger.

Solution: What is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the word Diet? Probably, eating less food right! That’s a big misconstruction that people frame around the word “diet”. Eating the right amount of food is all you need to do to lower down hunger levels. According to the experts, transforming health and fitness needs individual basis diet plans. Also, consuming fat-free foods or food high in sugar is one of the reasons that result in more appetite.

  • Low Metabolic Rate: Metabolism is one of the most important factors that are responsible for fat loss. You might have noticed that after shedding a few kilos your weight becomes stable. The higher the metabolic rate, the more are the chances to shed the unwanted kilos. Therefore, not including enough protein in your diet can lower down the series of chemical reactions to break down the energy.

Solution: Metabolic Rate matters in weight loss. To increase it you need to add enough protein. The high thermic effect of the protein helps in burning more calories even during sleep. Foods such as lean meats, soya chunks, fish, eggs, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese have a high amount of protein. You can include them in your diet keeping in mind your calorie intake.

Fat loss might seem tough. But did you see that it is not? Undoubtedly, there are a lot of challenges that will come your way. Triggered biological mechanisms taking place will make it harder to lose fat. But, following the solutions to all the challenges in your fat loss journey will help you to reach your goal. With the right strategies, you will see the difference in a week.

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