What Makes a Diamond Valuable?

Diamonds are some of the most stunning and expensive things on earth. But what makes them so coveted and pricy? 


People mistakenly believe that diamonds are so expensive because they are so rare. Ironically they are one of the most commonly found gems and not rare at all. 

Sapphires and emeralds are more expensive than diamonds. The cost of the carat (weight) of the gemstones is based on the rarity of the stone. 


The bigger it is, the more it costs! Well… not quite. You can have a very large but impure diamond, meaning that its clarity is really low. You could have a smaller diamond that has perfect clarity, and that will ultimately be worth more. 

Four Cs dictate a diamond’s value – Carat, clarity, color, and cut. 

Depleting stocks

Many years ago, it was more challenging to get hold of white diamonds due to the stocks depleting. However, white diamond mines are in plentiful supply. Rose pink and yellow diamond is in lesser supply, and it is likely that they will not be available within a decade. 

So what is diamond so valuable if none of those is a factor? 

Like everything, the price of diamonds is driven up due to the market demand. Diamonds have been a symbol of wealth and luxury for years, and there is no sign that this will change. 

Human-made diamonds are also making incredible strides to market and are stunning, too – although they are less expensive, they are more ethical. Check out the below infographic that shows where most of the world’s diamonds come from. 

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