What to Do If You Have Severe Joint Pain?

Joints are the things that are responsible for forming the connections between bones. These are the parts of the body that help and support you to move. Any kind of damage to these joints can cause serious problems in daily life. It has the potential to cause problems with your movement and also be the cause of a lot of pain.

There are a lot of conditions that have the ability to cause joint pain. Some of the more common causes include rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis gout, sprains, and other injuries as well. These types of joint pain are very common. In some studies, it has been determined that about a third of adults have reported being suffering from some sort of joint pain within the last 30 days. The most common complaint among these people was knee pain. It was closely followed by pain in the shoulders and the hip. It is important to note that joint pain can also affect other parts of the body as well.

The range of severity of joint pain ranges from mild to absolutely debilitating. It can sometimes just go away in a few days (acute), or it can even last for more than a few weeks or months. It is necessary that you realize that even pain of the acute kind can be seriously debilitating and painful. It really does not matter what type of joint pain a person is experiencing, the takeaway that we want to provide here is that the pain can be mitigated. There are certain medications that can work. Physiotherapy and alternative treatment methods can also help manage the pain as well.

It will usually be your doctor who will recommend you on the course of treatment that they think is the most suited for your case. The main goal here is to cut down inflammation, reduce pain, and finally, to make sure that the joints function properly in the long run. Below we will take a look at some of the treatment models that are available in the market for joint pain.


Joint pain ranges from moderate to severe and if there is also the presence of swelling, then you can make use of some of the over-the-counter or prescription medications such as aspirin, naproxen sodium, or ibuprofen. These medications can really help with the pain and also act as anti-inflammatory drugs. Some of the newer versions of NSAIDs that go by the name of Cox-2 Inhibitors can also help with managing the pain. However, we must point out here that there is only one drug available in the market of this kind that has been approved by the respected authorities. That particular drug is known as Celebrex. Other drugs of similar nature have been known to produce a whole host of undesirable side effects. Some of these side effects are as serious as putting your gastrointestinal at greater risk of bleeding.

If the pain you are experiencing is milder and you do not have any swelling, Tylenol can be really effective in these cases.  Make sure that you do not take this medication if you have alcohol in your system. The combination of the medication and the drug can actually cause liver damage. Due to the associated risks, it is always advisable to be careful when taking this sort of medication.

Pain that is even stronger and more intense than the two types described above can only really be mitigated by opioid medications. These drugs are extremely addictive as they are basically synthetic heroin. So, be extremely careful when you are taking opioids and you should only take them under strict supervision.

Topical Agents

This may surprise you but a particular substance that is found in chili peppers can actually help you to get massive relief from joint pain that is a result of arthritis or any other conditions. This substance is called Capsaicin. This substance has the ability to block the substance P. This is the substance in the body that transmits pain signals and also releases chemicals in the body that are known as endorphins. These chemicals also help to block pain. Once again, this is also not a type of treatment that has no side effects. The common ones include a burning sensation in the particular area that it is applied on.

Physical Therapy

A physical therapist can really help with a lot of the issues that you face when you suffer from joint pain. The benefits of working with a physiotherapist include strengthening muscles around the joint that is the issue. It can also help you drastically improve the range of motion that you have. Therapists normally make use of methods like ultrasound, heat therapy, or cold therapy, manipulation, and also electrical stimulation of the nerves.

Also, if you have put on some extra pounds, that may also be a contributing factor to your joint pain. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you maintain a weight that is healthy according to your age and your height. Exercise and a proper diet are both essential in making sure that you maintain a healthy weight. Make sure that you take both seriously as they are both contributing factors in joint pain.

Light Therapy

Light therapy is an extremely popular form of therapy that has the ability to help mitigate the issues brought upon by many ailments. In fact, it may even be considered to be the one one-stop therapy model as it really does have so many associated benefits.

Light therapy can also help with easing pain in the joints as well. It achieves this by stimulating the cells of the body at their absolute molecular level. This has the ability to enhance the overall functioning of the cells. As a result, you can get relief in a very short amount of time from a lot of the issues caused by joint pain.

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