Winter Hacks To Keep Your Hair Shining & Healthy

winter hacks for hair
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Winter is tough on your tresses, as the dry, cold air steals the natural moisture and leaves your locks dull and frizzy. You feel a bit lazy and tend to ignore your regular care and maintenance routine. Moreover, all the holiday styling takes a toll on the scalp’s health too. It makes sense to go the extra mile with hair care during the season. Fortunately, you need not do a lot to restore and retain the shine and health of your tresses. Here are some easy winter hacks that can help. 

Minimize washing

If you wash your hair every other day during most of the year, stick to only a couple of times every week. It is enough to keep the scalp clean and also prevents dryness. Using dry shampoo is a good idea. Even when you wash them, use lukewarm water instead of taking hot showers. Always dry your hair thoroughly before stepping out because the moisture combines with the cold air and makes them brittle. 

Stick to no-heat styling

Another winter hack that keeps your tresses safe in the season is to steer clear of heat styling. You can opt for no-heat hairstyles instead of using a straightener or curling iron. It is easy- you only need to twist or braid them overnight. You will have perfect waves the next morning. This simple hack saves time, money, and your hair as well!

Moisturize your scalp

When the weather gets cold and you turn up the indoor temperature, the air loses on humidity. Your scalp often bears the brunt and feels dry and itchy. Pamper it with essential hair oil once a week to restore the moisture and drive away dandruff and flaky scalp. Massage the scalp and leave the oil in overnight, and you will have shining, healthy hair after the next wash.

Use a hair mask for the extra bit

While oiling can do wonders for a dry scalp, a deep moisturizing mask can do the extra bit for your hair from the roots to ends. There are many options in masks you can try according to your hair type. Alternatively, you can use natural ingredients such as shea butter and olive oil to boost hydration from within. Your tresses will be rehydrated and appear noticeably smoother and shinier with only a little extra work every week.

Drink lots of water

Winter hydration for your hair goes beyond oiling and moisturizing. You also need to drink lots of water, which is easy to overlook at this time of the year. Make conscious efforts to maintain your water intake during winters because it keeps your hair and skin shiny and smooth from within. Avoid unhealthy beverages like tea, coffee, and alcoholic drinks and stick to warm water instead.

Winter hair care need not be expensive or time-consuming. Just doing the basics like cleaning, hydrating and moisturizing is enough to keep them healthy and beautiful even through the coldest months of the air. Most importantly, stay hydrated and see how gorgeous your tresses look. 

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