Why You Shouldn’t Bother with Box Dyes, according to the Pros

Whether you’re looking to freshen up your natural color or you want to try an entirely new hair color, it may seem tempting to pick up boxed hair dye from your local store.

However, it’s important to remember that box dyes are not a hair holy grail. If you’ve ever wondered “Are box dyes safe?” while reaching for one at the store, then keep reading.

Box Dyes Are One Size Fits All

Many boxed hair dyes are created with the maximum amount of chemicals to ensure complete pigmentation. This doesn’t take hair type, texture, and density into consideration.

A person with very fine, straight hair and someone with thick, curly hair will have different outcomes when using the same dye. The color may even be different than what is depicted on the box.

This variation can lead to different results than expected — hello hair horror stories!

Is Boxed Dye Safe?

Many people’s hair can’t handle the sheer amount of chemicals that are in box dyes. This leaves hair dry, damaged, and over-processed.

Getting your hair professionally dyed ensures that the dye job will be the best fit for your hair type. A stylist can look at your hair on an individual level to ensure the safest, best application.

If you have to ask “Is boxed hair dye bad?” it may be time to try Googling “salons near me.” Treat yourself, and your hair, to higher standards.

Convenient or Cumbersome?

Though it seems easy enough to apply box dye at home, there are some risk factors to take into consideration. Aside from the damage it can cause on your hair, hair dyes can also create messes.

While it may seem easier to dye your hair at home, it can be a messy nightmare. Box dye can stain your skin, leaving your forehead, ears, and neck completely covered.

Similarly, dying at home can lead to permanent stains on your clothing, sink, tub, and even walls.

More Expensive in the Long Run

It does seem much more enticing to pick up a box of $12 dollar hair dye at your local drug store, but the cost will accumulate down the line.

Not only can box dye be extremely damaging, but a professional will also be better at applying the dye. Let’s face it, dying hair isn’t easy! A boxed dye can turn out splotchy, streaky, and look poorly done.

Color corrections on boxed dye hair jobs are a long, expensive process. Some hairstylists say it can take up to four sessions to strip harsh box dyes from hair to prevent further damage.

Can You Use Box Dye?

If you want to damage your hair, spend hundreds of dollars fixing it, and spend weeks trying to get box dye stains out of your bathtub, then go for it!

In reality, it’s best to leave any color jobs to the professionals. It can save your hair and your money in the long run. Skip the box dyes and head to the salon for the best results.

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